Introducing CannaOS

CannaOS is a Horticultural Operation System, designed to manage, optimize and automate the cultivation of high value plants.

Canna Austria


CannaExpertAI is AutoBloom's cloud based deep learning technology, that collaborates with human experts to continuously monitor and analyze your growing plants.

CannaExpertAI suggests adjustments or automatically adjusts your growing parameters. Adjustments may include: irrigation, nutrition, light spectrum, light intensity, temperature, humidity, CO2 and infestations.

CannaExpertAI is able to identify pest activity well before it becomes a crop destroying infestation.


CannaSpectrum is AutoBloom's adaptive spectrum lighting technology that modifies the spectrum distribution available to the growing plants according to their specific needs at each stage of their development.

CannaSpectrum achieves a significant reduction in electricity usage, while increasing yield and quality by a large factor.

About Us

AutoBloom is a team of brilliant Silicon Valley engineers with proven abilities and success in numerous technology ventures.

The AutoBloom design team is supported by a global network of expert scientists in the relavent fields of study.

The AutoBloom team is dedicated to support the speciality agricultural industry through the application of cutting edge technologies for the intensive cultivation of high value plants.

We sincerely believe that the Autobloom technologies, will one day help end world hunger.


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